GL Rules  & Guidelines

GL Rules & Guidelines

The GL Rules & Guidelines are developed through extensive research and development, the know-how and experience of our engineers and the close feedback of our worldwide network of surveyors. Our Construction Rules and calculation methods represent the current state of scientific development.

GL Rules and Programs is an interactive information and calculation system, providing easy access to selected GL Rules & Guidelines. In addition scantling requirements for the hull structures of various ship types can be calculated using the program GL Rules ND.


Download GL Rules & Guidelines as PDF

To ensure that Field Service experience is quickly incorporated in our Rules and Guidelines, the engineering for newbuildings and fleet service is concentrated in one department and at one location. We believe the flexible interpretation of our Rules and Guidelines on the basis of the equivalent safety concept promotes innovation in ship design. And that sensible research guarantees our Rules and Guidelines are ready for the next generation of newbuildings.


And thirdly, we believe that the painstaking review of design details is as important as fulfilling a set of Rules to ensure a long and trouble free service life. That’s what the intelligent application of our Rules and Guidelines means to us. Please follow the link to the "Rules & Guidelines PDF" on the right-hand side.


Order GL Rules & Guidelines as CD-ROM

The Rules & Guidelines viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader appear exactly as the text from the printed rule books. Text search is available for the entire volume and may be limited as desired to particular Parts and Chapters.


The licence agreement and prices can be viewed here (PDF, 185 KB).

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